Since 2003, Springboard has provided the critical insight that helps leaders develop the cultural intelligence needed to inspire talented employees and boost morale across the organization.



Springboard has interviewed more than 500 senior executives, including Fortune 500 senior executives and CEOs, about what it takes to lead successfully in today’s environment. Many of the interviews have focused on the specific success factors and impediments for women and minorities at senior levels.


Prior to forming Springboard, our President and Founder was a seasoned, senior manager in line positions at major companies. Springboard understands first hand the challenges that top managers encounter.


In addition to our hands-on experience, Springboard holds coaching and consulting certifications from organizations such as The Leadership Circle Profile, Interaction Associates and Intercultural Communication Institute. 


In our senior-level coaching work, Springboard represents a diverse team which models how cross cultural leadership works.

We have helped clients navigate leadership concerns.  We have helped companies:

  • Assess the organizational culture to identify opportunities for improve inclusive leadership. 
  • Build a diverse and inclusive environment that is productive and drives innovation. 
  • Monitor and measure diversity & inclusion progress over a multi-year period.
  • Develop effective leadership networks and programs for women and underrepresented executives who aspire to the most senior positions in the organization.
  • Create a change management initiative to build inclusion and unconscious bias awareness & action in talent acquisition and management processes.
  • Build inclusive leadership capability of managers, leaders and teams in the organization.

Connecting the concepts of emotional and cultural intelligence, Springboard understands that today’s most influential and innovative leaders are both collaborative and inclusive in their approach to leading teams and organizations.

Springboard coaches were valuable to me because they have faced similar challenges as senior managers. I could run through scenarios and gain a perspective unavailable from most coaches. They helped me develop more effective options for the way I manage my team.
— Chief Investment Officer, Investment Management Company