Are you a cross cultural leader?

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Executive coaching enhances a senior leader’s ability to leverage the results of a leadership assessment or an organizational culture assessment. Using the assessments as a road map, Springboard’s executive coaches work with clients to set specific goals, and employ developmental tools to increase options for leadership.

The Springboard team provides useful and direct feedback from varied perspectives, specifically oriented to those senior managers who desire to become more effective leaders and expand the ability to positively influence and impact their team and organization.  Striving for measurable outcomes, coaching is available for senior executives, partners (e.g., a senior leader and a direct report) as well as teams.

Springboard’s philosophy incorporates cross cultural leadership development throughout our curriculum and coaching. It is our aim to help companies build new generations of innovative and motivated leaders who understand, are comfortable with, and represent the changing workforce. “Drawing on- and drawing out- the talent of your entire team will have a measurable impact on your team’s performance and on the company’s bottom line.”

Springboard brings a unique combination of consulting, senior-level management and cross cultural experience to all our executive coaching engagements:

Research and consulting experience

Over numerous assignments, we have interviewed more than 500 senior executives, including Fortune 500 senior executives and CEOs, about what it takes to lead successfully in today’s environment. Many of the interviews have focused on the specific success factors and impediments for women and minorities at senior levels.

Management and leadership backgrounds

Prior to forming Springboard, our principals were seasoned, senior managers in line positions at major companies. They understand firsthand the challenges that top managers encounter.

Training and certification

In addition to our hands-on experience, Springboard’s principals hold coaching and consulting certifications from organizations such as The Leadership Circle, Tavistock Institute, Interaction Associates, and Intercultural Communication Institute. 

Cross cultural team approach

In our senior-level coaching work, Springboard represents a diverse team and models how cross cultural leadership works.