Springboard’s disciplined culture assessment methodology helps our clients unearth perceptions, build understanding, and create change that can drive profitability and global competitiveness.



Springboard works with you to define the scope of the assessment, and the business case to support it. We review baseline data provided by your company and any applicable external data, then we interview senior team members and conduct focus groups to unearth perceptions (what employees really think; how business is actually done; how leaders truly make decisions).


Springboard analyzes the interview data and identifies key culture descriptors.  These descriptors are combined, grouped and graphed to provide an accurate snapshot and understanding of your current environment.  We report back on the key culture descriptors as well as unattributed verbatim statements, thus creating a compelling story that helps build team buy-in because the data reflects the voice of the company.


Springboard recommends customized solutions and action steps for change that create opportunities for culture improvements that drive success.