Are you a cross cultural leader?

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The most experienced leaders understand the value of gaining objective insight into perceptions and beliefs of employees throughout their organizations. Springboard’s partners have wide-ranging experience as global business leaders and problem solvers, and are adept at identifying and quantifying disconnects between the C-suite and your workforce. We specialize in diversity & inclusion and inclusive leadership consulting.

With deep experience as cross cultural facilitators, researchers and executive coaches, we serve as trusted advisors guiding senior management teams on how to develop cross cultural leadership to drive profitability and global competitiveness.  Springboard employs a proprietary consulting model to guide senior management in achieving leadership, culture, and organizational goals.

Assessing corporate culture to unlock the value of values

  • What drives business success, and how can it be replicated across new ventures, operations or geographies?
  • What aspects of the culture support or hinder retention of senior women and underrepresented minorities?
  • How do we combine corporate cultures and maximize success in a merger or acquisition situation?

These are some of the management challenges our clients have asked us to assess and help them resolve. The Springboard Culture Assessment, like a 360° assessment for your organization is the critical first step to identify the hidden and sometimes contradictory beliefs and values of an organization that drive the day-to-day actions taken by leaders and their management teams. Springboard has a proprietary six-sigma-based assessment model that quantifies interview data to identify how companies conduct business, build leaders, and serve their customers.  And we present confidential interview data in multiples ways including charts and graphs that business and HR leaders resonate with.

How Do Culture Assessments Work? Like a 360° Assessment for your company.