Herbert B. Wollowick   Senior Consultant    

Herbert B. Wollowick
Senior Consultant


About Herbert

Herbert B. Wollowick is a Senior Consultant at Springboard – Partners in Cross Cultural Leadership, an executive and organizational leadership consulting firm that conducts research and assessments on inclusive leadership and provides consulting, training and executive coaching to organizations.

Prior to Springboard, Herb most recently was Director of Workforce Analytics at JPMorgan Chase, where he worked in various capacities for 43 years, after having worked for IBM for four years. His work has given him extensive experience in employee surveys, selection system development and validation, multi rater assessment, benchmarking, HR Metrics, linking employee behaviors to business outcomes and applying data based research techniques to employee issues. 

Herb played a pioneering role in the development of selection testing and procedures that were valid and eliminated bias based on government guidelines. He presented the first test validation based on the new EEOC guidelines in a speech to the American Psychological Association titled “Psychological Testing with a Minority Group Population.” From this work, Herb developed and managed processes to evaluate employee performance. All of this work resulted in two published articles in the Journal of Applied Psychology focused on management selection and identification of promotional potential. Herb has published several other articles in professional publications.

In the area of employee surveys, Herb has focused extensively on surveys that lead to change and research on the importance of employee attitudes and opinions in driving business performance. He has written, and directed the implementation of, surveys on culture, engagement, climate, diversity, new hires, exit, internal branding, internal customer satisfaction and benefits, among others. Recently, Herb has worked on the use of social media with advanced comment analysis techniques to evaluate attitudes and crowd sourcing to identify actions to address employee concerns.  

Herb is a co-founder, past president and member of the Mayflower group an organization that provides its members with support in employee surveys and HR metrics and co-founder of the Midas Group a similar organization to Mayflower exclusively for financial services organizations.  Herb has given numerous speeches to external organizations such as the American Psychological Association, the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychologists, the American Bankers Association and the New York Chamber of Commerce.  

Herb has served on the boards of the Riverside Park Fund which supports NYC parks and the Singers Forum Foundation which brings entertainment to hospitals and nursing homes. Herb has a BA degree in Industrial Psychology from Queens College, an MA degree in Personnel Psychology from Columbia University and completed all requirements except for a dissertation for a Ph.D. degree from Columbia University in Industrial Psychology.